lock-in period

lock-in period
See call protection. American Banker Glossary

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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  • Lock up period — A lock up period is a predetermined amount of time following an initial public offering during which employees and close associates of the company who are given shares are not allowed to sell those shares. Generally, a lock in period is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Lock-Up Period — Window of time in which investors of a hedge fund or other closely held investment vehicle are not allowed to redeem or sell shares. The lock up period helps portfolio managers avoid liquidity problems while capital is put to work in sometimes… …   Investment dictionary

  • Lock-up Period —    A period when shareholders are not allowed to trade in a share. It applies particularly to employees of a company who are granted shares on concessionary terms and are then required to hold them for a minimum period …   Financial and business terms

  • lock-up — ˈlock up adjective FINANCE 1. lock up agreement/​pact an agreement by which money is invested in such a way that it cannot be used for a period of time 2. lock up period a period of time during which money is invested in such a way that it cannot …   Financial and business terms

  • lock-up agreement — USA An agreement between a company or the underwriters on the one hand, and a stockholder on the other hand, that is executed in the course of a registered securities offering. In the lock up agreement, the stockholder agrees that it will not… …   Law dictionary

  • Lock up — can refer to:* Lock up provision, a corporate finance term * Lock up period, a term concerning initial public offerings of stock * Lock Up (US band), an American rock band, featuring guitarist Tom Morello during his pre Rage Against the Machine… …   Wikipedia

  • lock-in — UK US /ˈlɒkɪn/ US  /ˈlɑːk / noun [C] UK INFORMAL PROPERTY, STOCK MARKET ► a length of time during which you are not allowed to end a financial agreement: »Your new mortgage may have a long lock in period. »There are no lock ins with our financial …   Financial and business terms

  • lock-keeper — lockˈ keeper noun The attendant at a lock • • • Main Entry: ↑lock * * * ˈlock keeper [lock keeper lock keepers] noun a person who is in charge of a ↑lock on a ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • lock out agreement — exclusive negotiating period/lock out agreement Agreement by the seller or both parties not to enter into negotiations with any third party that might jeopardise the acquisition for a certain period of time. The length of exclusivity must be… …   Law dictionary

  • lock-out agreement — Also known as exclusivity agreement, shut out agreement or no shop agreement. Agreements which are used to try to ensure that the other party to a prospective deal negotiates solely with the client for a period of time. They aim to give the… …   Law dictionary

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